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Session Investment

Your custom session is personalized to fit you and your needs. Before your session we will collaborate about your style and vision for your session.


Session Fee $100,  this includes your custom session on location or in your home. An in home Premiere and Ordering Session (7-10 days from your session)

 Your session includes 30 Fully Edited Portraits to choose from.  Prints and digital images are sold separately. 

Clients can expect to invest from $350-850 on their fine art products


Print Pricing starts at $20

 Albums & Canvases also available starting at $225. 


I look forward to customizing your dream session for you! Call or email me to set up your phone or in person consultation! 

Andrea Whittle Photography Andrea Whittle Photography Andrea Whittle Photography






Rates are subject to change, however, by placing a deposit to reserve a photo session  you will lock in current pricing.