I am a mother of 2 beautiful children, married to an amazing man. I love my life and am so grateful for everything God has given me.  My love for photography started at an early age of 11 years old when my Mom let me use her camera to capture photos of our family. I was hooked. I loved that I could freeze time and look back on these images in the years to come. My passion for photography became even more intense after I lost my father at the age of 21. We had just had our family portraits done (at my insistence) and I was so very grateful that we had those photos of our complete family and not only those photographs but the memory of us all being together one last time. We all went out for ice cream after our session and my Dad REFUSED to eat the ice cream because we told him it was really frozen yogurt. Even though he had eaten it every time we came here for the last decade, he was stubborn and said if it is heathy he didn’t want it. We all had a good laugh at him sitting there with no ice cream as we enjoyed our “frozen yogurt”.  That is what I want my client’s to walk away with from my sessions. Not only do I want to give you beautiful images, I want you to take away the memory of your special time with you’re your loved ones. I hope to capture the intense love you feel for one another at this moment in time..

With Love,